ADM Festival 2015

Im sitting in the livingroom of Pete on the  ADM Site in the harbour of Amsterdam. This weekend the ADM Festival took place here. The alternative space was celebrating its 18th birthday. For me it was one of the best festivals i ever had the pleassure to work and party. Amazing artists, musicians, installations, people.

On Wednesday evening my cell is ringing, unknown number. On the other side Jekaterina aka Katinka Lucid, who i met at the Serendubity Festival, where I was invited to project on Peter Rampazzos star and she installed some slide projectors. She asked me if I could drive her and Peter Rampazzo from Berlin to Amsterdam to the ADM Festival, their driver cancelled one day before.

Approximately 24 hours later I’m sitting in Peters RV on the road to Amsterdam. About 7 am, arrived at the site, I can’t believe my eyes. I was not counting with something spectacular like this.

Besides set-up I was responsible for the documentation. Saturday night i was playing with Jekaterinas set-up and material on the “Airship”.

Here are some impressions, the after video will come in a few weeks:

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Wooooow – ich wär auch geflasht gewesen!!! Bin durch Tobi (Rum Toben) hier gelandet, leider nur virtuell… aber da wär ich auch gern mal dabei, sieht nach nem zauberhaften Ort aus mit geballter kreativer Energie und Power! Vielleicht beim nächsten Festival LED HulaHoop-Performance..?! Gern was familytaugliches, gerne weitergeben… :)))
Grüsse aus Hamburg, Nina

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