Spaß Südamerika 2015 Urlaub

Oh wie schön ist Panama

Finally I got everything what I need to upload photos to my gallery (hardware, software, knowhow wifi and patience) I uploaded the photos of the first month in Panama so far. Meanwhile, I’m in Colombia. I also started writing a travelogue, but am still at week 1. As soon as I finished the Panama part in will appear here as well. Lots of love to my loved ones and a lot of fun with the photos.

Kunst Spaß


Yesterday I did a little trip to the overgrowing marshalling yard in Wilhelmsburg​​. Unfortunately, this beautiful area will soon be nuked. I can only recommend to everyone to visit it as long as it still exists.

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Spaß Sport

New skatepark for Hamburg in Wilhelmsburg

I recently went to the igs/iba site and discovered the new skatepark. You can say and think what you want about all that iba and igs and I’m also aware about all the down sides but in my opinion this is the best skate location in hamburg so far. So if you like skating just check it out.