Deep psychedelic Dub for free

I’m currently totally into the Shaman Album from sMILOdon. Thanks for the Tip to hi towa.

Random Stuff


The transit of Venus in relation to the Earth makes a pentagram every 8 years.

Earth. We are one.

Spaß Sport

New skatepark for Hamburg in Wilhelmsburg

I recently went to the igs/iba site and discovered the new skatepark. You can say and think what you want about all that iba and igs and I’m also aware about all the down sides but in my opinion this is the best skate location in hamburg so far. So if you like skating just check it out.


Replace Touch Screen Front Glass for Alcatel 997D Ultra

I just replaced my broken front glass of my Alcatel One Touch 997D Ultra. I couldn’t find any tutorials how to do it so I decided to share my experiences.
At first I bought a new screen/glass/display/whatever for my phone. Then after a bit of searching I found a video how to disassemble it. The disassembling was very easy and self explaining. The problem was that the video didn’t cover how to remove the glass so I figured it out for my self:
The trick was to heat it up with a hair dryer and then push with a slot screwdriver at the spot marked in the picture (that is not there yet) below. The rest was a peace of cake.